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15 ads-80$

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1 ads - 1$ ; 20 ads - 10$

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Оплата объявления

If you are a legal person, you can send us your details for drawing up the contract.

Public offer contract


                                                                  «___» _________________ 2013г.

Limited Liability Company “Barer”, represented by general manager Frantsev Vyacheslav Anatolyevich, hereinafter referred to as “Executive”, acting pursuant to the Articles of Association, provides services (further - Services) to any legal body or to the individual hereinafter referred to as "Customer", who accepted this Public Offer Contract. This Public Offer Contract is placed on the Internet site supervised by the Executive:www.aerospaceorder.com laid open to public.        

The specified contract is public, i.e. according to the provisions of article Nr. 435 of the Russian Federation Civil Code its terms are identical to all consumers.

In compliance with the provisions of paragraph 3 art. Nr. 438 of the Russian Federation Civil Code unconditional acceptance (acceptance) conditions of this public offer (hereinafter - Agreement) is made by payment by the Customer for services presented by the Executive.



1.1. The following document is an official proposal (public offer) of a limited liability company “Barer” (hereinafter referred to as the “EXECUTIVE”); it contains all important terms of service delivery involving advertizing in the area of aviation and space navigation;

1.2. In compliance with the provisions of paragraph 2 art. Nr. 437 of the Russian Federation Civil Code in case if a legal body or an individual accepts the conditions of the present public offer he/she becomes a CUSTOMER (In compliance with the provisions of paragraph 3 art. Nr. 438 of the Russian Federation Civil Code accepting the official proposal is equal to contracting under the terms stated in the offer) and both EXECUTIVE and CUSTOMER become the PARTIES of this contract.
1.3. In connection with the abovementioned information please be sure to read the following public offer with maximum attention.



2.1. The Executive agrees to deliver services listed in the bill or payment receipt presented to the Customer. The list of services provided by the Executive is specified in the Appendix №1 which is an integral part of the present Contract.


3.1 Executive’s obligations

3.1.1 To provide the Customer with the Services in accordance with the terms of the present Offer.

3.1.2 To keep confidentiality of the Customer’s information received at registration, and also contents of private e-mail messages except for the cases provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and norms of International law.

3.2 Customer’s obligations

3.2.1 To pay for Services according to the terms stated in the present Offer and on the Executive’s website. The client is obliged to get acquainted with the information on service conditions and tariffs on the website independently.

3.2.2 To keep relevant documents and messages confirming Services paid.

3.2.3 To observe the current legislation of the Russian Federation, rule of International law and the Regulations’ conditions.

3.3 Executive’s Rights

3.3.1 To temporarily stop Services delivery to the Customer without return of funds until the Executive receives written explanations from the Customer in the following cases:

- the actions directed to limitation or preventing other users from access to Services, and also attempts of unauthorized access to resources of the Executive and to other systems available in the Internet;

- publications or transfers of any information or the software that comprise computer viruses or other components equal to them.

3.3.2 The Executive has the right to stop the contractual relations with the Customer unilaterally without notice of the Customer.

3.3.3 The Executive has the right to disclose information about the Customer only according to the current legislation of Russia and rule of International law.

3.3.4 The Executive has the right to change the terms of this offer unilaterally. The date when changes of the present offer entry into force is considered to be the date when they are published on the website.

3.3.5 The Executive has the right to ask the Customer for the scanned copy of the passport by e-mail, but solely for the purposes of identification of the Customer onthe website when rendering Service and/or in case of conflict resolution, arisen between the Customer and the Executive within the terms of the present Offer.

3.4 Customer’s rights:

3.4.1 To demand rendering of services according to the terms of the present Offer from the Executive.

4. cost of services, delivery and payment conditions

4.1. The list and cost of the Services rendered by the Executive under the present Contract, is specified on the Executive’s website. The cost of Services is specified in rubles, US dollars, euro and also includes the VAT of 18%. The cost of Services is additionally reported to the Customer during registration of the Service order by the Customer at the last stage of registration. The cost of Service reported thus is to final and subject payment for receiving by the User of Service.

4.2. Payment of the ordered list of Services shall be made by the Customer by transfer of 100% advanced payment by bank payment to the settlement account of the Executive in accordance with the invoice or payment receipt issued by the Executive. The Customer is obliged to specify the paid Services and individual assigned number (personal account number) in the payment document. The Executive has the right not to provide services when the paid Services and/or individual number are not specified in the payment document of the Customer until the payment document is updated in compliance with these requirements.

4.3. The payment of the Service is considered to be confirmed and personal account refilled:

- when the payment is made per payment systems (electronic money or a bank card) or per SMS - when receiving the corresponding confirmation from the payment system;

- when the payment is made by bank transfer or from the bank account after data receipt from bank of the Executive about crediting of monetary resources to an Executive’s account;

- when the payment is made from personal account or at the moment of writing-off from the Customer’s personal account.

4.4. If disputes upon effecting of payment arise the duty of proving is the Customer’s responsibility. Thus documents certified by authorized persons of the relevant organizations can be accepted and are accepted to consideration as proofs.

4.5. Return of money from the Customer’s personal account for the clients acting as individuals is carried out only under condition of:

4.5.1 Providing to the Executive personally or by mail of:

- written statement;

- the notarized copy or the original of the Customer’s passport to the Executive’s address of location;

- properly prepared documents confirming money transfer by the Customer (the payment terminal receipt, payment system confirmation, confirmation of mobile network operator, bank statement, the notice on payment);

4.5.2. If there is the Customer’s consent to commission deduction by the Executive for money return in the sum of expenses (the commission of payment systems, banks and other third parties) of the Executive for money return to the Customer and in addition 10% (ten percent) of the sum subject to return. The Customer agrees to commission deduction by the Executive specified in this article, by means of an answer to a relevant question (tick, criss cross or other sign in the corresponding field) at money return.

4.6 The Customer independently takes responsibility for accuracy in making a payment. If the Executive’s bank details change, the Customer independently takes responsibility for the payments made by outdated bank details from the moment of publication of new bank details on website.

4.7. The Executive has the right to revise price of the services unilaterally.

Changes in the price-list come into force from the moment of their publication on the Executive’s websites listed in the Appendix No. 3 to the present contract, being its integral part. The invoices issued before change in the price-list on the Executive’s websites, can be paid by the Customer no later than 5 (five) bank days after the change of prices on the Executive’s websites.

4.8. The terms for providing the ordered Services are listed in the Appendix No. 1 to the present Contract.

4.9. The billing rates for additional services are specified in additional appendices to the Contract or in separate agreements.

4.10. When ordering the advertizing services the Customer provides to the Executive the text of the line ad, not later than 1 day before the publication.

4.11. The Executive has the right to edit the advertizing materials provided by the Customer without any distortion of meaning and the content if the materials don't meet standards of Russian and English languages.

4.12. The Executive has the right not to accept to the publication advertizing materials from the Customer, if the content and (or) their design, according to the Executive’s opinion:

- don't meet moral and ethical standards;

- contradict the current legislation;

- can dent Executive’s reputation.

The Executive notifies the Customer about the refusal of the publication on the above listed matters and suggests replacing materials by new ones no later than 5 days prior to the publication.

4.13. The Executive has the right to demand and the Customer is obliged to provide documentary confirmation of reliability of advertizing materials, legitimacy of their placement, necessary certificates and licenses.

4.14. In case of an advance payment the Executive is obliged to place advertizing according to a tariff operating at the time of the conclusion of the present Contract.


5.1. The guilty party is held financially liable for improper fulfillment of contractual obligations or deviation from the contract terms due to the fault of the Executive or the Customer according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and norms of International law.

5.2. In case of occurrence of negative for the Customer events the Performer bears liability to the Customer for covering the sum not exceeding the cost of the Service ordered and paid by the Customer, but not received because of the Executive or if it is applicable, covering the sum not exceeding the personal account balance of the Customer at the time of occurrence of negative consequences and exclusively in case if the Customer loses a part or total sum of personal account balance.

5.3. The Executive isn’t responsible for quality of public communication channels by means of which access to Services is provided.

5.4. The Customer recoups moral and material loss to the Executive, including the sums assessed judicially and the imposed penalties, and also other expenses of the Executive that appeared in connection with discrepancy in advertizing materials provided by the Customer in accordance with the current legislation.

5.5 The Executive isn't responsible for the mistakes in the text of advertisements made by the Customer, or due to the Customer’s fault.

5.6. The Executive shall be free from fulfilling any liabilities in case of force majeure (Act of God, Decisions of Government, etc.), which are beyond the reasonable control of the Executive, and because of which the terms of the Contract can't be fulfilled.

5.7. The Customer is fully responsible and takes the risks regarding the use of the Services, including responsibility for an assessment of accuracy, completeness and benefit of any opinions, ideas, other information, and also quality of the services spread on the website and provided to the Customer, including by means of Services.

5.8. The Customer is completely responsible for safety of the password and for losses which can appear because of its unauthorized use. In case of login and password theft the Customer independently takes every care for password change to access the Services. The Executive isn't responsible for actions of the third parties, entailed theft and the Customer has to address the appropriate investigating and law enforcement agencies for compensation of the money spent in connection with such theft.

5.9. The Executive isn't the respondent or the codefendant in any obligations and the expenses connected with violation of provisions of the offer by the Customer or other persons, who use Customer’s name and password; either connected with the placement or transfer of any message, information or other materials on the Internet by the Customer or other persons using Customer’s login and password.

5.10. The Executive complies with the Customer’s requests sent only from the Customer’s contact e-mail. The contact e-mail is considered to be the e-mail specified in a registration base on the website. The Customer can change a contact e-mail in the registration base through the Customer’s personal account.


6.1 The Customer’s claims on provided Services are accepted to consideration by the Executive only in a written form and within a reasonable time period from the date of emergence of a disputable situation. The time for claims consideration of the Customer should be no more than 14 (fourteen) working days.

6.2 The consideration of the claims to the Executive, related to Services, is carried out if the Customer presents relevant financial documents confirming service payment.

6.3 To solve technical questions when defining the Customer’s guilt as a result of the Customer’s illegal actions by using the Internet, the Executive has the right to independently attract the competent organizations as experts.

6.4 Whenever disputes arise the parties have the right to provide the printed-out electronic letters (e-mail), with the saved office technical information in them (headings) as proofs. If the office technical information (headings) is absent, such letter isn't the proof. The originality of the electronic letter headings can be confirmed by independent experts or the Internet service provider, with the help of which the corresponding electronic letter was sent.

6.5. Disputes that were not agreed by the Parties are regulated according to Legislation of the Russian Federation and norms of the private international law which regulate the civil law, labor and other relations complicated by foreign issues.


7.1 The Customer has the right to unilaterally waive the Executive’s Services at any time.

7.2 In case of the early termination of Services rendering in compliance with the present Offer the Customer receives money back if the Customer presents relevant financial documents. The time of money return is 14 days. In case of violations of this offer money isn’t given back.

7.3 The public offer comes into force from the moment of payment for Services in accordance with established procedure of the present offer.




LLC “Barer”                                                                     

Tax Identification Number: 7720684438

PSRN 1107746326071,

RRC 772001001


Legal address: 111538 Moscow, Krasnii Kazanec, 20


tel. +79269237966



Official website:







Advertizing site: www.aviaspaceorder.ru







Advertizing site: www.aerospaceorder.ru





Payment details:




Bank name:


Settlement account




Correspondent account:





to the Public Offer Contract No. ____________________

Under the present Contract the following types of Services are possible to provide:

1. Placement of the advertisement of the Customer in the Internet resources that are presented on the Executive’s sites in the field of aviation and space navigation.

The Executive places the Customer’s advertisements on the Internet resource which the Customer chose on the websites of the Executive specified in the appendix No. 3.

- The Internet resource is chosen by the Customer among presented ones on the Executive’s sites.

-  The Customer provides the Executive with the text and a set of images for advertisement creation per e-mail.

Scheduled time: from 1 (one) to 5 (five) working days from the moment of receiving payment into the Executive’s account.

2. Delivery of information presented electronically to the Customer’s e-mail.

The Customer chooses necessary files and other information on the Executive’s websites, specifies the e-mail or postal address to the Executive for delivery of these files to the Customer.

The Executive makes positioning, archiving (compression and packing electronically) and delivery of the files chosen by the Customer to the Customer’s e-mail address.

Scheduled time: from 1 (one) till 5 (five) working days from the moment of receiving payment into the Executive’s account in coordination with revision of a corresponding resource.




to the Public Offer Contract No. ____________________

Typical wording that is used in invoices and payment receipts issued to the Customer by the Executive and cost of services:


Item name

Cost (RUB)




According to Price plan







By special agreement



Publication of advertising information



File delivery



File collection delivery





Placement of an advertising article



Placement of an advertising banner




to the Public Offer Contract No. ____________________


The list of the Executive’s websites that can be used for advertising of the Services provided by the Executive, for filing applications by the Customers and for automatic creation of invoices and payment receipts:

Site “Official website of the company”- www.aerospaceorder.com

Site “Commercial” www.aerospaceorder.org

Site “Commercial”www.aerospaceorder.net

Site “Commercial”www.aviaspaceorder.ru

Site “Commercial”www.aerospaceorder.ru


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