About the project

My name is Vyacheslav Frantsev. I am the manager of the "WWW.AEROSPACEORDER.COM" project.

Our project allows to place offers and to obtain orders for aerospace technologies, equipment and services. 

In addition, we have sections named "Services" and "Equipment" (they are accessible only for registered users).

This project has been created by the graduates of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

The purpose of this project is to provide the Internet space for the specialists with marketing background, to purchase aerospace equipment, 

to develop space tourism and to advance technologies.

Our portal represents an intuitive and easy-to-use website for submission of advertisements which enables you 

to receive the desirable result without much effort at short notice.

A convenient and optimal search engine allows you to find the required information easily.

Each advertisement is inserted on a separate page allowing the owner of the advertisement, in the absence of his/her own 

site, to have an advertising page on the Internet and to advance products and services actively.

Buyers and sellers contact each other directly without intermediary agents which finally allows to save 

money and precious time.

We will provide you with positions in search engines, displays of advertisements and we will also provide you with visitors and buyers!

To place an advertisement, you need to get registered only on the " www.aerospaceorder.com" website, 

then to enter the website using a personal password and to place your advertisements!



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